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At YooDeal, we are transparent. It is for us the basis of a well-established working relationship, with trust and respect for each other's work.

How much does it cost to be on YooDeal?

  • It is FREE, but you can, if you wish, subscribe to paid options

What are the offers I can offer on YooDeal ?

  • Online deals
  • Coupons to print
  • Other offers

What the platform offers ?

  • Boosts (social networks, online visibility, newsletter, etc...)
  • Real-time statistics (sales, visitors, etc...)
  • Proximity services (photographer, designer)
  • Personal private messaging
  • ...Much more to come...

Online deals 20% of the sale price

Online deals are ordered and paid for by Internet users directly on YooDeal. At the end of the order, the user receives a coupon to benefit from his service or the product offered by the professional.
The online release of an online deal is free. You only pay when you sell, YooDeal then takes a 20% commission on the promoted price displayed and paid by the surfer.
You receive your remittances at the end of each month, when the legal withdrawal period of 14 days is exceeded or the service is performed / delivered.

Coupons to print 2% of the displayed promotional amount

The coupons to be printed are not paying online. The user clicks on "print the coupon", a popup then asks him if he is really interested in this offer, if he validates, he can then print the voucher to use in your shop.
The user path is engaging, and the internet user printing the coupon will most certainly be a visitor who will visit your shop.
The cost of posting coupons to be printed is calculated according to the following principle: amount of your promo (multiplied by) 2% (multiplied by) number of coupons.
For example, you propose a product on sale at 10 €, and you want to make available to the Internet users 10 coupons of reduction, the publication will cost you: 10 * 0,02 * 10 = 2 €
The promo coupon is much less engaging in a buying process, and for this reason we advise you the deal online.

Other offers GRATUIT (online quotation)

The other offers can be the way to power your shop page for free and display your different products or services without paying anything. Take the example of a restaurant, it may be interesting to offer an online deal displaying the following offer: "2 courses for the price of one" in order to attract Internet users to the "online shop", and Then offer the rest of the restaurant's menu (without discounted price) on the "other offers" so that the internet user has access to all that offers this restaurant, while being able to benefit from a promo offer via Online deals.

Option online quote : YooDeal proposes to the professionals to activate the option "estimate on line", allowing them to receive quotes requests from the Net surfers. The option "online quote" is engaging for the Internet user and saves processing time to the merchant. All the information of a quote request is sent on the merchant's email directly following the request of the surfer. To access this option, you need to "recharge your account" of the desired number of quote requests (10 requests = 50 € HT / 50 applications = 250 € HT / 100 applications = 500 € HT)

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